Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Exsistere, sistere, exsistentia, existência, existence

By: Maria Odete Madeira

Exsistere, sistere, exsistentia, existência, existence: reality, being, life, presence. Existence denotes origin, (arché), in the classical Latin it means to show oneself, to appear. The exsistence is the irrecusable topos of each presence, the place of each body.

Imposing itself gravitically to each ente or entitas that is present in the world, the existence signalizes a projective character of necessity (agakh, necessitas), replicator of an eidos of permanence.

Each ente or entitas is in the existence, (co)existing in a complex system of references, reflexively projective, radicularly incorporated in the rotative systemic topos of each ente or entitas as its (of each) nutritive possibility.

Ontologies: On the Concepts of: Possibility, Possible, 'Acaso', Aleatorial and Chaos

Massacritica, Lda.

UNIDE - ISCTE Business School - Lisbon University Institute

September 7, 2009

In addressing the interdisciplinary field that is growing at the intersection between chaos theory and risk science it becomes necessary to reconsider the notion of chaos in its linkages with the notions of possible, possibility, “acaso” and aleatorial.

Aiming at such an interdisciplinary effectiveness, the present article addresses the notions of possible, possibility, “acaso”, aleatorial and chaos in terms of their respective constituent and constitutive systemic topoi, from the formative ontological systemic dynamics, structurally dependent upon the initial conditions of the respective systems and cognitively computed/processed by these same systems, from the perception and recognition of themselves, as individuated resonating rotative positions, in the inter-systemic web of survival.

The (inter)systemic risk is, then, addressed in connection with the chaos in the deterministic systems. An example of Malcolm effects and synchronized risk being researched upon for a two-dimensional nonlinear map that produces multifractal chaos. This allows for the signaling of conceptual linkages that occur at the intersection of chaos theory and risk science, between homeostatic mechanisms, synchronization and chaos.

Keywords: Possibility, possible, “acaso”, aleatorial, stochastic, clinamen, chaos, Malcolm effect, multifractal chaos, synchronization, risk, risk science, multifractal self-organized criticality

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