Saturday, September 27, 2014

BrainBrains: Remembering...

The areas of the brain involved in the cognitive processes of remembering, call it short term, medium term, working memory, whatever one wishes to call it, the areas of the brain involved exhibit only effects of a systemic multicausality that (co)implicates cellular and infra-cellular levels and respective quantum fields for the sustainability and respective integrity of the organisms, in which take place dynamics of intensive reflexivity needed to the sustainability of the dynamics of cognitive syntheses to the image projection and respective verbalization for communicational interfaces, cognitive syntheses worked in the brain, an organizer, integrator organ indispensable to the production of the order that keeps the system as permanent presence.

The brain is not the exclusive producer of order for the organism, the brain depends upon the cells and upon the cellular and infra-cellular activity. The brain is a part of an integrated whole, and when scientists observe effects, what they are observing is the expression of a mechanical terminal, and no more than that, the rest one must interpret, analyze, evaluate, otherwise the organic causality and respective fundament will always escape them. Memory and the processes of remembering begin at the level of the fields of sustainability of the organism, it is there that are the life, existence, survival records that imports to recover and reelaborate for the dynamics of remembering. The brain is at the end of the line.