Thursday, May 10, 2012

Capitalism: the Imperium Phase

File:Jean Dodal Tarot trump 13.jpg

The capitalist mode of production has attained its Imperium phase, the sustainability in the causes is very difficult, when the “catastrophe points” are more active, precisely at causality levels. In this phase, the nonlocality became, itself, a locality by synthesis, the risk exposure is tremendous, like a “god” trying to escape himself.

The system closed itself. How can a “god” escape himself?! By negation?! By disaggregation?! By suicide?! By extension to other “gods”?! Other “gods” by the excess produced by a “god” in trouble?! By hyperconsumption in trouble?!

The system entered in a systemic looping. Will it commit suicide as the solution?! Or will it continue grabbing on to the hyperconsumption dynamics, enacting an excess of itself as resource of sustainability, waiting for the evaporation of its BlackHoleness?!