Monday, January 30, 2012

...we are the prisoners...

We are the prisoners in the technological Doppler effect, formatted by the EgoNarcissistic isotopy: I-am-therefore-I-am, therefore I-am-therefore-am…; we are the inhabitants of an ondulatory of “naked singularity”.
Borrowing from Cioran: only suffering is ubiquitous, not God; had Noah possessed the gift of foreseeing the future, there is no doubt that he would have sank the Ark.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Economics, Life and The Stubborn Black Swans...

«Does today's dominant economic and financial thinking violate the laws of physics?»

«low probability high impact risks and unknown unknowns or black swans»

«New Model of Economics based on Physics (...) A new model of economics ought to aim to contribute to the development of the scientific understanding of the way our economic systems work holistically (…)»

“Laws of physics”?!?

There are rules/laws of structure that necessarily follow the evolving dynamics of life/death and that, therefore, necessarily change at the rhythms of the things, in their evolving entanglement in survival interface, from the imminent FutureNow to the sustainability flux of the PresentNow.

The so-called “black swans”, that Taleb worked from Popper, are necessary to the autopoietic/systemic sustainability, there are always “black swans” out there, they are only unexpected to human cognitive schemes that are unreasonably focused upon “monstrative” situations of control, incompatible with the dynamics of survival: control of the others, of other species, control of life, of the differences, control of evolution itself by part of a single species: the human.

The crossing-over of different disciplinary areas is desirable, more, necessary to the general entangled pathos of survival, because of that, not only a dialogue with Physics is needed, but also with the Life Sciences and all the other sciences, which Economics, necessarily, has to deal with/coordinate itself with/relate itself with/dialogue with...

...but, above all, it is necessary to make a cognitive effort to think things beyond the models' conditioning. It is necessary to free ourselves from a certain obsession with control.

Things can only be perceived in their cognitive completeness, if we are able to think ourselves in relation to ourselves and in relation to the things, without disconnecting ourselves from the projective rotative pathos that operates at the level of the dynamics of systemic sustainability.

By pathos one should understand its primitive sense, of some thing that happens, both in reference to what happens as well as in reference to what is affected by what happens.