Sunday, October 9, 2011

Revolutionem, Revolutus, Revolvere… Revolution?


The system is us, the institutions are us, the agents are us, the markets are us, the responsibility is ours. The revolution must be in us.

When the altruistic practices become an effective permanence, we can speak of a revolution.

When the dignity ceases to be just a postulate to become a generalized effective practice, we can speak of a revolution.

When the tolerance and cooperation replace the Darwinian competition, we can speak of a revolution…

…until then, any social revolution will only be the replacement of a predatory power by other predatory powers.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

..“But what next?”....

“But what next?”

For now, and with some inspiration in Baudrillard’s matrix, what we have is a desperate capitalism sustained by a Moebian Double Bind operationalized in manipulation by anticipation.

The discourses and contra-discourses are programmed and simulated towards effects of banalization and respective integration, idiotically sustained in perspectives of system control by inertia and closing. Inertia because the people cease to react, closing by control by way of normative formatting of discourses and the respective contra-discourses.

The final goal is the zombification by iterative banalization. This is systemically dangerous for all, also for those that, in their pathological delirium of power, think themselves Laplacian daimones.