Thursday, February 2, 2012

...the human system...

“...uma horda de animais; na floresta dos meus próprios signos e nas memórias da minha memória...” (Derrida, L’Animal que donc je suis.)

“...a hoard of animals; in the forest of my own signs and in the memories of my memory...”

The human system is formatted, in terms of fundamental causality, by a pathos of biological entanglement of survival that follows rules/laws of structure that are ontologically radiculated in a cosmos (our cosmos) which conditions the intersystemic game of evolutionary sustainability.

The systems are integrated wholes dynamically enacted by the interdependent relations of the parts. The human system, as any other system, depends upon the self-sustained entanglement of the respective parts.

In this sense, what can be done/what each of us can do is always conditioned by the adequability of what must be done. There is always some “thing” that conditions us: our initial formative conditions, the initial formative conditions of the others, the initial formative conditions of our cosmos, that “originated” us: each individual’s self-determination is permanently played in an atribulated survival patchwork of difficult management.

Thus, the operative use of practices and pragmatics, oriented by criteria of “control” towards strategies of power, are, such as the Laplacian daimon postulate, not very intelligent. That which, in HumanAnimal language, is designated by “power” depends upon an operative dynamics, configured by an entanglement of interactive “forces” systemically enacted, characterized by a non-locality constituted by crossovers of rhythms, conditioned by the stories, the trajects, the unstable and heterogeneous individual/collective techniques and tactics, sustained from the mobile points that orbit in critical systemic frontiers, permanently threatened by the porous rotativity of the points of catastrophe, enacted by the systems in survival interface.

“Control” is an egophagic notion. We can and we must, intelligently, manage and coordinate projectively, but we are insane when we invest in a protoplasm of delirant control, responsible for the practices of desiring egotistical greed that dragged/drag us to the situation of catastrophe in which we, human system, inhabit.

We are prisoners in the technological Doppler effect, formatted by the EgoNarcissic isotopy: I-am-therefore-I am, therefore I am-therefore-am...; we are the inhabitants of an ondulatory of “naked singularity”, in which the system, in a survival despair, seems to have (re)written its initial conditions without having been able to enact the rules/laws of structure, responsible for the sustainability of its integrity.