Tuesday, February 10, 2009


by Maria Odete Madeira

All living organisms exhibit dispositional regulatory mechanisms that operate intentionally in the maintenance of their respective lives.

Life is also desire of life (Damásio). This desire (desiderium) acts as an archetypal impulse or primitive vital instinct that intends the success of life itself, through an intentional and effective operativeness.

Life, as potency tends towards its own horizon of possibility of actualization. Desire functions as a potentiating mechanism of operativity of that tendency towards its actualization as existence.

Life, as permanent desire of itself, is also a permanent lacking of itself, therefore, the desire (conatus, impetus, vis viva) determines, in the root of life itself, its own irreducible irrefusableness.

In this way, life is, for life, itself, an absolute value.

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