Sunday, March 25, 2012


It is in the flux of the PresentNow that our cells must guarantee, in the FutureNow, the sustainability that guarantees our permanence as living systems. But what is this FutureNow?! What does it mean, as a word?! We are always a to being (verb). We must “replicate” in the future our “material” conditions of presence, if we do not guarantee that, we cannot survive.

The “future” is our position in the “flux” of permanence: we have to be before ourselves to be in ourselves, we must anticipate in the “flux” our presence in the permanence of ourselves, and this is our “afterness”: we, each of us, are after ourselves.

We must enact ourselves, we must enact the permanence of ourselves in ourselves: that is self-sustainability, that is autopoietics.

There is always dissipation, because of that we must manage(ing) the losses of integrity to maintain ourselves as presence, but all this is a (co)simultaneity, because the future is a “tag”, because all these are dynamics and rhythms that take place simultaneously.

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