Friday, June 7, 2013

Crisis?! Crisis of what?!

Crisis?! Crisis of what?! Right..., just crisis!

Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, and so on…, the objective is not, and never was that of balancing the States’ accounts and resolving the problem of Countries' debt crises: that is the pretext. The objective was, always was, that of implementing the “shock doctrine” (Naomi Klein), defended by Milton Friedman: to take advantage of the crises in order to implement transformations that the people would never be in favor of.

Systematic unconstitutional measures are part of the strategy: to impoverish the people, to make Countries’ Constitutions fall, to impose a neoliberal dictatorship justified by programs of “external aid”/"bailouts".

The governments’ predictions fail because they are supposed to fail. False predictions are supplied, with the knowledge of government officials that these predictions will fail, they are supposed to fail: false predictions are a way of disguising that the goal is precisely to sink the middle class and Countries' economies making them dependent upon a global transnational financial system and respective elite, supported by a neoliberal ideology with a dictatorial program that needs the violation of freedoms and guarantees, in which the human condition, autonomy and dignity become targets.

The fiscal crises are the pretext and the opportunity to implement the program of unlawfully taking over of countries and peoples.

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