Monday, December 1, 2008

Quantum Game of Life II

by Carlos Pedro Gonçalves

Below is a video of a simulation of the quantum game of life, implemented in Netlogo.

Following the previous blog post on this game, each cell (patch) can be in a vacuum state, or it can become punctured by a qubit state.

In the video, the grey cells correspond to the vacuum states that may potentially become occupied by a qubit state Q> = a0>+b1>, while the black and white cells have become occupied (in act) by a qubit state. Each color corresponding to one of the two basis states of the qubit, that is, white corresponds to 0> and black corresponds to 1>.

The actualization of each of the two qubit computational basis states occurs through a probabilistic process since there is decoherence in the qubit histories. The model works with two gate rules, a simple Haddamard rule, and a chaotic rule that exemplifies path dependent quantum computation. The video above uses path dependent quantum computation, in the dynamics of creation and anihilation as well as in the qubit information dynamics.

The video is also available at:

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