Wednesday, December 17, 2008

sub-jectum - beyond the being

by Maria Odete Madeira

Autrement qu'être... outramente... ipseity and alterity (Lévinas, Ricoeur)... dialectics of the dictum, as major sense of the subjectivity (sub-jectum, beyond the being).

Ipseity as response (res-posta) to the convocation of the alterity,... as ethics of the pre-original vocative and accusative of the human... between the same and the other, between the dictum and the irreducible to say is the character of the ontological difference as an amphibology, between the entity and the being, that, in the end, restates the verbality of the verb linked to the substantiality of the name. I am my logos to myself, I am by the being, I am by my voice.

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