Wednesday, February 24, 2010


By: Maria Odete Madeira

The iteration of the low weight thinker emerges, more and more, in the form of a social mechanism, invested of memetic effectiveness towards effects of reduction of the human thinking to a replicator without ability and will to question and, because of that, the low weight thinker easily, willingly, eagerly alienates his/her/(its?) autonomy in contra-adaptive eidetics, polarized by marketed effectivenesses, that presuppose the anthropophagic production of fast food for thought, in an organically self-sustained cycle.

Words become poster signs, or post it signs, that, stripped away from their meaning, become useful to use and recycle, feeding a schizophrenic market.

If one can argue, and reason, and question, one becomes dangerous.

The death of Socrates, however, is repeated today, not only for political reasons, by a power hungry elite, but by the low (weight) thinker, that wishes to play the senseless word game, without having to perform the great effort of thinking, and questioning, and learning. The repetition of facts is the death of questioning and the decay of reflexive arbitriu.

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