Thursday, February 11, 2010

Vox mundi: vitalis mundi, vitalis reticulis, sanis mundi…

By: Maria Odete Madeira

The perception and respective systemic computation of the enactive emergence of a rhythmic ontology of citizenship in systems of interconnected networks, in what regards the rights and duties that incorporate the autonomous exercise of each citizen, in nonlocal contexts of power, in which the local critical self-exclusion, linked to the circulation and processing of local/global information/knowledge, may lead to the loss of autonomy towards general contexts of survival, legitimates some critical reflection about the possible phenotypic effects with formative consequences in the levels of perception of the systemic risk towards effects of survival and dignity, in which the enactive alienation may potentiate the development of behaviors of weak adaptive, or even counter-adaptive, adhesion, with homeostatic systemic consequences at the levels of the maintenance of the local/global systemic integrity.

Vox mundi…, it is about thinking the notion itself of democracy in contexts of systemic nonlocality , in which the notion of individual, or human subject, is cognitively (co)computed with the notion of citizen/citizenship, towards effects of immediate, or day-to-day, survival, in which an individual ontology of alienated survival may displace counter-adaptive enactive effects that are undesirable to the “current interconnected democratic game”.

Vitalis mundi, vitalis reticulis, sanis mundi…, it is about thinking the imperative of sovereignty, from ethical/cognitive syntheses, processed from intersystemic local/global dynamics, related to dignities, vital to the interconnected human survival.

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