Thursday, February 25, 2010

... the Being is event... the logos-there...

By: Maria Odete Madeira

Dasein was the term that Wolff used in order to translate the Latin term exsistentia, from the verb exsistere, that etymologically denotes origin. In Heidegger, the notion of existence, as dasein, lost the theoretical sense, present in Husserl, as object of thought.

For Heidegger, there was no existence outside the existing things and all existing things (ek-sistence) were rooted in the physis as beings, projectively as beings-towards- death, coexisting in a complex system of references to a future existentially anticipated.

For Heidegger, each entity is one of the modes of the Being, and, each entity, is also its difference, each entity is the being-there (Dasein) referring to itself (ek-sistence) .

The truth of the Being (aletheia) belongs to the Being itself..., to be physis is aletheia. The Being gives itself (es gibt) as Being and Time and, thus, as something that has given itself, the Being is event (Ereignis), the logos-there...

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