Saturday, February 20, 2010

"The transhumanist business"...

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...The identity of the organism does not depend upon the organism’s memories. Even if an organism “loses” its memories that organism is still an irreducible referent as presence and existence in the world.

About the download of memories… it is important to remember that a memory incorporates, always, cognitive syntheses in which protoconscious and conscious processes intervene.

Also, any conscious process is constituted, in its formative basis, by emotions and feelings. The emulation of a brain, postulated by the transhumanist business, does not capture the nature of human cognition. The brain is not the key, but the whole system.

Transhumanism is a badly thought out word… human transcendence does not mean a change of nature, it means to go beyond the human limits without the negation of the human, in the human, still human.

Much more can be said about the conceptual mistakes of transhumanist thinkers and “futurologists”. Concepts are being used as catchphrases for selling technological products.

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